G.I. JOE: Seeds of Destruction (Kindle Worlds Short Story) Joe Pranaitis

Following the events of Mind Disrupter the Joes find themselves facing off against the Cobra scientist Mindbender again as he tries to redeem himself by creating Mini BATS a small robot the size of a microbe and able to penetrate the skin turning his test subjects in his test country England into uncontrollable savages causing their Prime Minister to declare Martial Law thus forcing the Joes to track Mindbender to Zartan’s compound in the Everglades where a battle then ensues while the Joes orbiter the Defiant is launched to retrieve the Cobra delivery system. With the clock ticking will they reverse what Mindbender has done or will Cobra finally win?

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Please follow Patrick O’Scheen, author of “Newling Traveler”, “Kris” & “Chronicles of Marithe Series” on Google+

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“Returning” (The Books of James C. Patch #2) by Gary D. Henry

“Returning” (The Books of James C. Patch #2)
by Gary D. Henry

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“This is the continuing story of James C. Patch and Jacob
Masterson. The fi rst book, The Books of James C. Patch:
The Barrier chronicled the adventures of Jacob Masterson as he
attempted to destroy the evil barrier that was preventing spirits
from entering the Utopia on the other side. James C. Patch was
an author living in the early 1900’s when tragedy struck his
family when he decided to write down what he found out about
death and the afterlife. James C. Patch was a split-spirit. A spirit
that could split from his body prior to death and was able to
cross through the barrier and see through his spirit what was on
the other side. While in his spirited state he noticed millions of
spirits that were not able to penetrate the barrier. The majority
of these spirits were children who had not had time to collect a
lot of memories and those are the spirits that the barrier preyed
upon. Jacob found out that memories were the key to the rapid
penetration of the barrier and they were able to connect with
loved ones that were already on the other side.”

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“The Heart of the Stone” by Dora Machado

Epic Fantasy!

“The Heart of the Stone” by Dora Machado

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This is book # 1 in The Stonewiser Trilogy

Between truth and deception, between justice and abuse, a stonewiser stands alone with the stones… Or so begins the Stonewiser’s oath. But what happens when a rebellious stonewiser discovers that lies have tainted the stone tales?

Like her fellow stonewisers, Sariah always expected to spend her life wising truth from the stones. But when she discovers lies in the sacred stones, she is forced into a pit of intrigue with only her stone pledge and her wits””along with her bitterest enemy””to protect her in a desperate quest to restore justice and prevent her world’s destruction .

This touches on one of the strengths of the novel – that it is both plot driven – as well as an intimate portrait of a young woman’s painful journey toward maturity….This is a page turner with heart and deserves to find a wide readership – http://www.sffmedia .com

“Stonewiser” is a finely crafted fantasy with unique concepts, and a vivid living world that will draw readers in and not let go. Midwest Book Review (Reviewer’s Choice Selection)

Once in a while, a new fantasy/adventure comes out that doesn’t travel well-worn paths in the genre but instead gives us a vivid new world, an exciting set of original characters, and page after page of non-stop intrigue, action, twists, revelation, and fun. STONEWISER is the best to appear in years. – Barnes & Noble review

Machado’s writing is as competent as her characterization, being vivid and often poetic. The plot itself is well devised and generally moves along at a good pace… There are quite a few surprises… I was surprised to find that the novel was often a little darker than I expected, and there are one or two quite brutal moments that add a nice (dare I say it) gritty feel, without coming across too heavily. Machado’s world also comes across well in her writing.

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Head on over to Barnes & Noble and add “The Dragon God” The Horn King Series #2 by Brae Wyckoff to your Wishlist

Head on over to Barnes & Noble and add “The Dragon God”
The Horn King Series #2 by Brae Wyckoff to your Wishlist

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LISTEN to the Tall Pines Mysteries Written by: Aaron Paul Lazar

LISTEN to the Tall Pines Mysteries

Written by: Aaron Paul Lazar

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“For the Birds” #1

Narrated by: Hannah Seusy

What happens when a parakeet named Ruby gets an unexpected mind-meld with Marcella Hollister’s quarrelsome mother, Thelma? After Thelma is kidnapped from her hospital bed, Marcella must find her – somewhere in the tall pines of the six-million-acre Adirondack Park. With the help of her Native American husband Quinn and bizarre “tips” from Ruby, Marcella butts heads with quirky bird psychic Earl Tiramisu, much to the chagrin of the FBI, who want her to stay out of the investigation.

Why is Tiramisu asking questions about Thelma’s past and the money she’s been spending? The FBI agents hint that it may be related to an unsolved fifty-year-old bank heist, but Marcella can’t believe her annoying, but honest-to-a-fault mother, could be involved.

Across the rugged Adirondack park landscape, a brutal scenario evolves, where the good guys aren’t what they seem, and only Ruby’s newly acquired talents provide slim hope for survival.

“Essentially Yours” #2

Narrated by: Hannah Seusy

Marcella’s first love has been MIA for eighteen years. Callie, her best friend and Sky’s sister, flips out when a mysterious package from Sky arrives on her doorstep. Inside his old backpack are bottles of precious essential oils, a memory stick, and a bag of emeralds. Are these his final effects? Or is Sky alive? When Marcella’s husband Quinn hears about it, his jealousy spikes.

He and Marcella have been married for seven years, and he’s not about to let some punk from the past mess that up. Drug company goons want the data on the memory stick, because it links a newly discovered essential oil with a leukemia cure. They kidnap Callie, hoping to lure Sky into the open. Marcella and Quinn track her to the wilderness of the Adirondack Mountains, where against all odds they fight to save Callie and preserve the proof that could change the world.

“Sanctuary” #3

Narrated by: Gwendolyn Druyor

The safest place they know is about to become the most dangerous… Marcella’s husband, Quinn “Black Eagle” Hollister, severed ties to his family and friends on the Seneca reservation years ago. He rarely mentions his past-until his young cousin Kitty collapses on the couple’s doorstep in the dead of a rainswept night. After two Seneca men break into their home with intent to kill, the Hollisters flee with the mute and injured girl to Tall Pines, their cabin in the Adirondacks. Marcella, unable to bear a child of her own, unleashes her motherly instincts caring for Kitty. As the girl slowly recovers, they start to piece together who wants them dead, and why. But their pursuers are canny and relentless. The next attack drives the trio from the sanctuary of Tall Pines, deep into the mountain wilderness. In spite of their best efforts, the unthinkable happens and Kitty is kidnapped. Marcella and Quinn track her back to Tall Pines – where they find themselves facing an army of murderous Seneca who’ll stop at nothing to protect their dark secret.

“Betrayal” #4

Narrated by: Gwendolyn Druyor

From award-winning author, Aaron Paul Lazar:

Marcella Hollister realized a lifetime of hopes and dreams when she was given custody of a child. A cousin of her half-Seneca husband, Quinn, the baby’s mother was murdered in a political plot – and Marcella, who’s never been able to have children of her own, formed an instant bond with little Kimi.

Then a distant relative comes forward to claim Kimi – and Quinn, who Marcella thought understood her pain better than anyone, allows them to take the baby without a fight.

Confused and deeply wounded, Marcella takes off for Tall Pines, their secluded Adirondack cabin. She hopes the peace and natural beauty of the mountains will help clear her head and decide whether to forgive Quinn… or leave him.

But the situation at Tall Pines is anything but peaceful. Her high school lover, Sky, arrives to help out – and Marcella discovers her old feelings may not be as distant as she thought. Worse, a serial killer is stalking young women in the area. And when a teen girl whose mother works with Sky goes missing, Marcella and everyone she cares for wind up dead center in the killer’s sights.

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