“Dancer” by Patrick O’Scheen

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“Dancer” by Patrick O’Scheen

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dancerThe Chronicles of Marithe Book # 3

The colorful fantasy of the Marithe Chronicles returns as the magic continues—-

When Mezzmer Collins stands jilted at the altar, he retreats into a reality of his own design. His escape splits his life in two. A panoply of new and familiar characters populate a game Mezzmer finds more than real. As an inhabitant of the realm of Marithe, he is destined for greatness…or disaster.

“Long into the night the ghostly drums beat out the rhythm of the ancient rituals as Mezzmer danced with the dead. The hypnotic scent of burning herbs enhanced Mezzmer’s trance as he gave himself over to the erotic designs. The two men swirled in a lavish display of spirals around the etched pattern, always flowing, touching, moving. Joined by the interplay of life and death, they moved with the lingering souls of those yet unshackled. This was the essence of Mezzmer’s purpose.”

Mezzmer’s success as a necromancer could spell the end for the residents of Marithe, his second reality. Everything must change when he comes face to face with evil…

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aww snap dragonPlease vote for “AWW Snap, Dragon” by Julia Mills on this list on Goodreads

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Please add Sea No Moor (The Loch Series Book 1) by Jennifer Daniels to your Amazon Wish List

Please add Sea No Moor (The Loch Series Book 1) by Jennifer Daniels to your Amazon Wish List

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sea no moorOnce there was a family who could control all the waters and the creatures who lived in them… now only one ruler remains…

Marin Miller is a lifeguard who is content living on her floating paradise. She goes to work then back home, where she often lounges on the deck of her boat with her best friend, Luana.

When the new marina owner, Kai Paterson, interrupts Marin and Luana’s sun fun in the sun day, Marin is less than impressed with his overly friendly attitude.

Kai has found his target, and sparks fly. Well, at least for him they do, but what is he going to do now? He was sent on a mission and there is no way anyone, least of all the one who sent him to kill her, will have her.

Marin is his… but will she choose him? Only time will tell if Marin will Sea No Moor!

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“The Altered” by Maria DeVivo

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“The Altered” by Maria DeVivo

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the alteredGriffin King is an ordinary high school senior dealing with typical teenage issues – a bratty little sister, overbearing parents, an obnoxious best friend, and the unrequited love of his long-time crush. But when a virus suddenly infects a large portion of the population, Griffin soon finds himself on the opposite side of the proverbial horror story.After months of roaming the broken landscape of the city as an infected person, a cure is found and a mass injection of antiserum is administered to the diseased, causing Griffin to become one of the ALTERED, a small group of ‘ex-infecteds’ who have been cured, but changed. Now he must learn how to start his life anew – suppressing his need to consume human flesh, and living among an angry post-apocalyptic society where race, gender, and religion don’t matter anymore. Welcome to the new world. A world where people like him – people altered like him – are the minority.

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