“Seer” The Chronicles of Marithe Book # 2 by Patrick O’Scheen

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“Seer” The Chronicles of Marithe Book # 2 by Patrick O’Scheen

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The world of Marithe is back! The story of a young gamer named Xavier is woven into a plot of denial, betrayal and intrigue. He lives a double life running from those who would use him and searching for unencumbered love. Demons and gypsies fill the game panorama, entangling Xavier in a disaster that could destroy the dragon race and profoundly change his world….

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“Her Dragon’s Fire” (The Dragon Guard Series # 2) by Julia Mills

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“Her Dragon’s Fire” (The Dragon Guard Series # 2) by Julia Mills

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her dragon's fire 2The books in this epic saga can be read as stand-alone stories, or you can experience all the love, thrills, and exploits of the whole series from beginning to end. It’s up to you. ENJOY!

Aidan has a plan…keep his mate safe, claim her as Destiny demands, and live happily ever after for all eternity. Biding his time. Waiting so very long. It’s now or never. All he has to do is save her from his homicidal brother. Sibling rivalry with scales and swords was never in his game plan.

Grace has always believed she could save the world one downtrodden criminal at a time. The inherent goodness of people is her bright, guiding light. But when her moral compass is rocked to its very core, as she shocks even herself by reaching for the man who invades her dreams and sets body on fire, can she come to terms with the completely fantastic world she’s been drawn into?

Running from forces both natural and magical, her sharp wit and his fierce strength are the only things between them and certain death. Can Grace distract the Traitor long enough for her Knight in shining scales to save her? Will Aidan make it in time? Can he drive his battle-worn sword through the heart of his own flesh and blood? Will this couple defy all odds and ultimately find they’re happily ever after?

The Universe Does Not Make Mistakes. Grace was made for Aidan.

There Simply Are No Coincidences. This Guardsman will protect his Mate at all costs.
Fate Will Not Be Denied…But the cost may be immeasurable.

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