“Kris” by Patrick O’Scheen


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“Kris” by Patrick O’Scheen

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Charles the Cat Book # 1

What would it be like to locate the father that you never knew?

For Kris Cane this is a dream come true. However, Kris’ father has other ideas about his newly discovered son… The young orphan finds his family with the help of genetic testing, but something is terribly wrong. The boy tries to discover a way to survive as he is embroiled in a murder plot. Can he escape with the unlikely assistance of his cat, a nun, and a detective who wants to see his new-found parent jailed?

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“An Isle for the Ages” by Gary D. Henry


“An Isle for the Ages” by Gary D. Henry

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Bronson and Catherine Preminger, an elderly couple who loves sailing the seas in their huge yacht, are planning a suicide voyage to sink their beloved boat because of Catherine’s memory-destroying terminal illness. However, their romantic plans to die together at sea are thwarted when their daughter, Brooke, announces they are to become grandparents.

Catherine wants to see her grandchild’s face while her mind is still able to remember important things. She wants another wonderful memory to take with her to the deep. The couple sails to Bermuda instead with the intention of returning in time for the birth. However, two storms destroy their boat and they drift to a strange and unknown island where mysterious things start happening to them.

They endure unimaginable hardships trying to survive, but these hardships are not the only peril they are forced to suffer. They have an unknown and unseen enemy lurking about, trying to eliminate them from the island.

Can the couple withstand and meet the challenges presented to them? Better yet, can it be that they have found the Fountain of Youth halfway between Bermuda and Florida?

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“Lola” A ‘Not-Quite’ Witchy Love Story: Magic and Mayhem Universe (The ‘Not-Quite’ Love Story Series) by Julia Mills

lola“Lola” A ‘Not-Quite’ Witchy Love Story: Magic and Mayhem Universe (The ‘Not-Quite’ Love Story Series) by Julia Mills

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Being single in a world where everything is thorn-covered roses and bags of bloody bones sucks! Heidi’s got Hunter, Bert’s got Luci…hell, even Lucifer’s got Trixie and then there’s me, the sexiest alter ego this side of Purgatory… stuck inside a Hellhound who’s happier than a zombie at a Doom’s Day Party at the body farm.

Sure, Heidi and her Hunkie Hellhound hump like rabbits getting ready for Easter but even that’s gotten boring. I need to get out, see the Underworld, sow my wild oats. I mean, a girl’s gotta get hers while the gettin’s good, am I right?

It’s taken six long months of bitchin’… I mean persuadinggentle persuading, but Heidi’s finally agreed to find me a body. So, it’s back in the Lady Bug Express and off to West Virginia, but this time we’re avoiding the crazies and heading straight for Asscrack.

We’re gonna find Zelda, the next Baba Yaga, have her yank me outta Heidi and shove me into a fresh new body then bingo bango, Lola’s gonna get her groove on. It looks like I might even end up with some powers, seems Cookie, the chickie giving me her skin, was a Witch when she was still breathing. Imagine that… me with magic. I’m positively giddy at the idea.


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Books by Cheryl Kerr


Books by Cheryl Kerr

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see ya“See Ya”

Lives are often stories not yet written down. Not always ended, either, which can fuse the living and telling into a path not always clear. Some tales take a long time to tell, especially when they start in 1944 and flow into 1996, and the characters weave in and out across those years without knowing one another.

Retired Colonel Matthew Rankin s sudden death at a party in 1996 leaves a gap in many lives. Deepest, perhaps, in that of his daughter, Manda, whose grief is overwhelming as she realizes how little she knows of who her father was. His strict and formal way kept Matthew at odds with his daughter. The coincidental arrival of Pieter Becker, a man following a just-found trace of his own father s World War II disappearance, sets the two of them in motion to solve the puzzle of their fathers connection. At first, the only clue they have is a photo taken of the two men together in Grand Central Station in 1975 by Willi Prang, a garrulous former WWII POW who says he knew Pieter s father. In 1975, Matthew Rankin was an on-the-rise Colonel in the United States Air Force, successful and devoted to doing the Pentagon s bidding. The other man in the photograph is Pieter s father, Franz Becker, according to Willi Prang, whom Pieter meets at a reunion of ex-German POW s. But Pieter s father died in World War II. Or did he?


photo finish“Photofinish”

Rory Kind I, a wellknown horse-trainer, is killed at night alone at his racetrack stable. His death occurs from a blow to the head, after a charity meet where heavy attendance and betting result in a myriad of suspects. The initial motive seems to be unknown; at first the police think he was kicked accidentally by a horse. But, Rory, his granddaughter, named for him, does not believe that. She begins to search, and uncovers something of both her past and her future as she proves his death was no accident.


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