Lazy Daisy (Southern Fried Sass Book 3) by Julia Mills


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Lazy Daisy (Southern Fried Sass Book 3) by Julia Mills

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Dragonettes, Honey Buns, and one dead Piggy Princess!
Hang On, Hairy Wort, it’s Lazy Daisy to the rescue…well, sorta.

Pat-a-cake, Pat-a-cake, Baker Bear’s Witch,
Oh, dear me I just flipped that switch.
There’s a pig in the oven as dead as can be,
Without a heart, or a lung, or a danged kid-ney.

With a zip and a zap and a tappity-tap,
I’ll fix this mess even without a catnap.
Got Miss Bunny, Doc Downey, and Granny Cleo,
One, two, three, and away we go.

Bubble, Bubble, we sure got some trouble.
Another Piggie’s missing, so now it’s double.
Somethin’ sure stinks, but that might be the skunks,
Or the Cats, or the Possums, oh heck! They’re all punks.

See ya’ in Hairy Wort.
It’s sure to be snort!
Come ‘on down!
There’ll be laughs all ‘round.

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