Book Lovers you won’t want to miss our 73rd “Tidbit Tuesday”


Book Lovers you won’t want to miss our 73rd “Tidbit Tuesday”

#AromasAuthors #PatrickOScheen @PatrickOScheen

Join Patrick O’Scheen TODAY February 5, 2019

This is a great way to discover new books and new authors,
find free and discounted e-books and have a great afternoon
of reading fun.

Authors drop by and share a SHORT EXCERPT –
(10 lines would be perfect to characterize your voice) and/or link to your excerpts and connect with new readers.

Because of the general audience please refrain from posting ANYTHING explicit in nature for this event.

The purpose here is to HONOR our facebook community –
for writers and readers alike!

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We are looking for our 1st review for “A War for the Reckoning” by Gary D. Henry

a war reconingWe are looking for our 1st review for “A War for the Reckoning” by Gary D. Henry

#AromasAuthors #GaryDHenry @GaryDHenry

This is the story of Thomas Archer, a former member of an unknown secret group of ten anonymous soldiers known only as Numbers 1 through 10 or the Elite 10. They did not know their fellow members real identities. Each were contracted for ten deadly missions. Once completed, Number 1, the team leader, is retired and everyone moves up a number and a new Number 10 is recruited. The retired member has their memories erased and return to their normal lives. Thomas returned home to see that his family was murdered by a vicious 100 strong member gang. He defied protocol and retained his substantial skills to exact revenge to kill every gang member, local leader, and corporate backer of the gang.

He found out that another, more powerful and secretive group ran all the world’s resources and governments. They were also the group that paid and equipped his former group of 10 soldiers They controlled all the world’s governments, armies, oil and energy, electronic technology, medicines and medical cures, water and food. One man ruled the other six. The Elite 10 were contracted to kill Thomas before he killed them, but they did not know that their quarry was their past leader and eventually joined Thomas in his quest to search out and kill the secret rulers of the world. Thomas chased them all over the world and used his formative skills to overcome and overtake any obstacle that got in his way. He fought billion dollar corporations, robotic and human armies, technological warfare as well as his former group to get to the top. However, once he found out the extent of the damage the secretive group did to the world, he vowed to kill all and rid the world of its man-made horrors.

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Dreamin’ of a White Dragon (Dragon Guard Book 36) by Julia Mills

dreaming white dragonDreamin’ of a White Dragon (Dragon Guard Book 36) by Julia Mills

#AromasAuthors #JuliaMills @JuliaMills623

The books in this epic saga can be read as stand-alone stories, or you can experience all the love, thrills, and exploits of the whole series from beginning to end. It’s up to you. ENJOY!

Second Fiddle – that should’ve been my name. Don’t believe me? Try being the sister of Mrs. Claus, and the Goddess of Winter, and the only Deity who spends six months in hibernation. Talk about the short end of the stick!

Well, this year I’m changing the rules. There’ll be no Snow, no North Wind for Santa’s stupid sleigh, and no definitely no nip in the air for the tip of your disgusting little noses. I’m taking a stand. No more Second Fiddle for me.

My name is Caille and I’m here to screw with your holidays.

May the Magic of the Dragon Guard and the Loving Spirit of the Holidays Fill Your Whole Year with Nothing but Happiness.But Only If I Get What I Want First.
~Cailleach Bheur, Goddess of Winter

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The Guardian by Anna del Mar

the guardianThe Guardian by Anna del Mar

A Wounded Warrior Novel

#AromasAuthors #AnnadelMar @anna_del_mar

From the Amazon Bestseller author of the The Asset comes The Guardian.

Game Warden Matthias Hawking is a decorated ex-SEAL engaged in a grueling fight against ruthless poachers in Africa. He’s short on resources and long on enemies. There’s a price on his head. The last thing he needs is the unexpected arrival of a beautiful but stubborn journalist threatening to uncover his secrets, an alpha female challenging his alpha male and getting into trouble, a hurricane wearing boots.

Jade Romo is a veteran of several different kinds of war. She’s survived her heroin-addicted mother, the foster care system, and the conflict in Afghanistan. Jade’s tough, confident, cynical, and self-reliant, a woman who doesn’t believe in forevers. But when she defies the poachers and lands at the top of the warlord’s kill list, she’s forced to rely on the skilled, attractive but supremely infuriating game warden who has captivated her body’s undivided attention.

Haunted by his past but driven by his courage, her mysterious guardian will do anything in his power to protect the woman who has captured his heart.

Book three of the Wounded Warrior series

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