“The Guardians” A Voodoo Vows Tail Series by Diana Marie DuBois

voodoo vow tail

“The Guardians” A Voodoo Vows Tail Series by Diana Marie DuBois

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“Bred by Magic” Book #1
**Magic transcends time and distance to transport one magical dog to fulfill her destiny.**

What do you get when you mix magic with one of the most prestigious dogs in Germany? You get something special and powerful. In a time when witches were hunted down and burned a famous alchemist devised a plan to help protect them. One particular puppy who is predestined for someone in our time learns all she can before heading on the journey of her life.

My mother always told me and my siblings that we were special. But, that’s something all mothers say…. Isn’t it? What you don’t always hear is that you’re part of the litter of Great Dane puppies destined to protect the witches and warlocks throughout time. We just have to find one another, before our time runs out….

“Gifted by Magic” Book #2
**Magic is a wonderful gift and believable if you give it half a chance.**

Guardians were bred for a specific purpose, to protect the most powerful of witches, one in particular has found herself in her new home New Orleans. Athena was gifted with her own powers, though she struggles wondering if it is enough. Because her witch has yet to bond with her. Uneasiness settles in her, but she is visited by an old friend who guides her and teaches her to trust in her witch as well as her own gifts.

Will this two companions find the truth in each other and fight an evil brewing on the streets of the Quarter…

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