“Black Magic Betrayal” (Voodoo Vows Series Book 2) by Diana Marie DuBois

“Black Magic Betrayal” (Voodoo Vows Series Book 2)
by Diana Marie DuBois

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**Betrayal which cuts deep must be overcome with one’s powers.**

Held prisoner deep in the Louisiana bayou, Rosie’s guardian arrives and they’re able to find a way out. Now, evil is stirred up in the swamplands and Rosie must quickly learn her craft. During her journey she comes into her powers and makes a huge mistake that could destroy someone she loves.

Meanwhile, Julian is dealing with his own demons when he discovers Rosie is closer than he realized. He’s come to terms with his curse but fights it and begins to turn once again. Even knowing the dire consequences, Julian decides to speak to an ancient Voodoo Haitian Mamba to stop his change.

Rosie and Julian reunite and regardless of their individual struggles they must work together to save those they love.


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