We are looking for our 3rd review for “The Dragon Guard Series” Books 1-7 by Julia Mills

dragon guard 1-7

We are looking for our 3rd review for “The Dragon Guard Series” Books 1-7 by Julia Mills

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Welcome to the amazing world of the Dragon Guard! A group of extraordinary men who uphold the honorable tradition of protecting their kin from their enemies of old. Bestowed with the heart and soul of a dragon warrior and the integrity of one of King Henry’s chosen knights, these Guardsmen work with a single-minded determination to rid the world of an evil so deadly it threatens all they hold dear. There are no coincidences… In Her infinite wisdom the Universe created a mate for each of Her Guardsmen. A woman to complete the warrior as no other can. She brings light to his soul, love to his life and hope to his future. Their holy book says, ‘when the two halves of the same whole meet, there will be instant recognition. Their souls will merge, and only then will the man and dragon know complete peace, they will have found their true home. It will be as if the time before they met their mate does not exist. All that will matter will be that they become one in body, mind, and soul with the One the Universe made for them.’ The Universe does not make mistakes… The strong and sassy women created to compliment the men of the Dragon Guard possess a warrior spirit, a heart of gold and characteristics that prepare them for eternity with their one true mate. The dragon elders say, ‘From the human race, women with great power will be born. Not the power to maim or destroy but the power to love, to heal, to uplift, and to rebuild. The beautiful ones will be created as the perfect complement for the men who take up our spirits. One woman destined for one man, to live on Earth and in the Heavens joined for all times. When the time is right, they shall discover one another. The two will become one, and the woman will provide the man and the beast with love, light and hope. Together they shall provide heirs that will allow our great race to continue for all eternity.’ Fate will not be denied… Together these two souls will form a bond unlike any other, battle foes old and new and forge a world where love is forever! Nothing worthwhile is ever easy and this amazing group of heroes and their mates fight with every fiber of their beings to get their happily ever after. Enter the world of the Dragon Guard and be forever changed…

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