“The Leaving Fields” by Gary D. Henry

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“The Leaving Fields” by Gary D. Henry

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Sam Martin lived a good life in New York City. A successful businessman who yearned for a slower less crowded life. When his wife left him, he decided that New York was too crowded and full of bad memories so he decided to move out west. He bought a huge ranch that was surprisingly cheap near a small town called Gateway Wyoming. The small town was not on any map so he knew that he would be getting the solitude that he desperately needed. Upon arrival he noted, that the small town was stuck in the 1930’s and a few other quirks that mystified him. Coming from a farming background he relished the opportunity to sow his own fields and live the farm life the rest of his days. Little did he know that the fields on which he plowed was actually the gateway to immortality.

A strange black rock jutted out from the middle of the field which had writing upon it so he thought that it was just a strange monument to a past farmer of his fields. At night he’d glance out to his fields and just watch the splendor of what he had accomplished the previous day when he noticed people by the black rock. They stood upon it and vanished into thin air. He ran to the rock but there was no one there. Many other oddities befell Sam such as the town didn’t have a cemetery and there were no modern appliances, modern cars or even electricity available to him. Sam navigates the mysteries to find the answers he needs and to determine, whether or not, he owned the Gateway to heaven and hell.

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