“Makinna’s Secret” A Land of Riandus Story by Linda Boulanger is FREE until 4-20!

~~~FREE until 4-20~~~

“Makinna’s Secret” A Land of Riandus Story by Linda Boulanger

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What happens when your oldest brother’s best friend finally notices you’re not a little girl anymore? LOVE, that’s what!

Makinna Sharanis was the third child, the oldest daughter, and the only unmarried sibling of the wealthy and powerful Sharanis family. In a time when marriage at a young age was inevitable, she’d managed to escape its grasp, her heart yearning for love, not convention. And the love she had harbored for years for her oldest brother’s best friend was anything but conventional. She also believed it would never be returned.

Fate had other ideas, stepping in and bringing the two together in this sigh-inducing love story.

“Tonight she would persuade him to make her his. The rest was only ceremony, professing their love before man. Makinna didn’t need that. She only needed him.”

If you’ve read either Dance with the Enemy or Beyond the Shadows, you’ll know Makinna’s brothers are the infamous Tahruk and Redahn. If you have not read either book, you’ll get an introduction to the Land of Riandus, where the stories take place. It’s a make believe land governed by some strange rules and a yearly moon that triggers events and makes things happen. So, if you like handsome warriors, beautiful women, kings and castles, and a heartwarming, heat-provoking love story, prepare to fall in love.

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