“Scarlett” Fallen Angels Sugar & Spice, And Delightful Sexy Romance! (Archangels Kisses Book 3) by P.T. Macias

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“Scarlett” Fallen Angels Sugar & Spice, And Delightful Sexy Romance! (Archangels Kisses Book 3) by P.T. Macias

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Scarlett fights for her sanity and works hard to fight the blood thirst that torments her. Why do her dreams involve magic and blood? Oh, not just blood, but the wild hunger, and need to consume the rich velvet fluid.

Angel Nathaniel identifies an Heir that’s oblivious of her blood lineages, limited abilities, and cravings. Can he save her soul without losing his?

Life is not easy, she’s afraid, unable to trust, and doesn’t know where to seek answers.

A tall, handsome stranger has the answers, but is he telling her the truth? Can she trust him?

Fallen Angels

The legions of Fallen Archangels and Angels roam the earth realm searching for closure, redemption, and peace.
The Fallen seek to protect humanity from the imminent evil, the Dark Prince, and to locate their descendants before time runs out.

The Angel Heirs are oblivious of their blood lineage and limited abilities.

The Fallen diligently search for the Heirs to shield, cherish, and unite.

Note – Series has explicit love scenes, strong language, M/M, FM, MFM, and some non-descriptive rape scenes.

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