“Murder and Mistletoe” (White Mountains Romantic Mysteries Book 3) by Jane Firebaugh

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“Murder and Mistletoe” (White Mountains Romantic Mysteries Book 3) by Jane Firebaugh

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A young girl in a coma . . .

A series of stolen antiques . . .

A few children with deadly secrets . . .

Can Josh and Olivia put together the clues and solve the case?

The mystery begins on the tiny New England Island, where Josh and Olivia are staying in Josh’s family’s vacation home and enjoying the quiet but quirky island ambiance.

They’ve also started their own detective agency, Mountain Valley Investigations, but they quickly find out how challenging their new business will be when a case emerges involving Josh’s father, some missing antique books that vanish from dad’s home and other valuable collectibles that go missing from various homes around the island.

Things quickly go from curious to downright odd when children they don’t know begin fleeing from them, and Olivia’s dog and cat begin behaving strangely as well.

Can Olivia and Josh figure out who is behind the wicked events that are ruining their island paradise . . . or will their first case end up being their last?

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