“The Westward Journey of the Nebraskan Wind” by Gary D. Henry


“The Westward Journey of the Nebraskan Wind” by Gary D. Henry

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The Westward Journey of the Nebraskan Wind introduces readers to Jack Timmons, a man who was born to a family of farmers and whose farming lineage dates back to the first settlers of Nebraska. Embracing his father’s discipline and teachings on the importance of hardwork and farm life, Jack grew up to be a strong man with a heart as big as Nebraska, dedicated to his work even until he married. But his father’s death affected him so much that he lost himself – a reason why his marriage didn’t last long. Later on, a childhood dream of going to Hollywood to see the woman who inspires him through television, made him temporarily leave the acres of farmland he cultivated for many years.

Shortly after his arrival in Hollywood, Jack already experienced the intense drama of his life, which soon after brought him to into a coma that sends him to the world of delusion. Then, he will meet several people who will further complicate his life and a woman who will later give meaning to his simple life. After the tragic and dense exploits in Hollywood, Jack realized that home was a paradise—so he goes home a failure.

Will he be able to fix his broken life from Hollywood, and what awaits him on his farm in Nebraska? Read the book to find out.

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